What ages of children are in each age bracket (ie. U6, U8 etc.)?

It’s easier than ever to know your child’s age bracket. GCYSL groups kids by birth year in brackets of two years. We use this system because we often don’t have enough kids in each individual birth year to field teams of single birth years. This means a U6 team will consist of both 4 and 5-year-olds, a U8 team will consist of both 6 and 7-year-olds and so on. Here’s a handy chart:

Year of Birth & Age Bracket:

2016 - U6

2015 - U6

2014 - U8

2013 - U8

2012 - U10

2011 - U10

2010 - U12

2009 - U12

2008 - U14

2007 - U14

2006 - U16

2005 - U16

What if I register for recreation soccer but my child decides to tryout for competitive soccer and makes it on a team? Can I get a refund?

That’s great! We love to see our rec soccer players move on to more competitive and challenging experiences. Your rec soccer registration fees can be applied to your competitive soccer registration costs.

How many games does my child have to attend in the season?

Your commitment to youth soccer is a huge part of why this league is so successful! A strong team needs all its members to show up for practices and play all the games. Please communicate with your child’s coach as early as possible about any potential scheduling conflicts you may have for practices or games. Sometimes knowing in advance is all a coach needs to be sure they have enough players to field a team at all the games. Your attendance at practices is necessary too.

How many practices a week will my child have?

GCYSL encourages all the coaches to hold two practices a week. The coach determines the days and times of practice based on their personal availability and field availability. The coaches will contact you in August with the practice schedule.

Which fields will you be using for practice?

There are a lot of amazing improvements scheduled for our local fields! We are proud to say Grass Valley has approved the construction of a turf field at Lyman Gilmore and it should be open for soccer in the fall. We will be using Mautino, Scotten and Lyman Gilmore for practices and games.

When will team photos be taken?

Every year we partner with a professional photography company to provide you with the very best photo packages. This year our photo day will be September 19th during our Soccer Fest. Look for more information about this family-friendly, annual event soon!

When will the first game be held?

The first game will be held Saturday, August 22nd and the season will run through October 31st*. No games will be held the weekends of Labor Day and fall break. Mark your calendars now because we know how fast it will go by! (*November 7th is scheduled as a potential makeup game day, if needed).

Will there be an All-Stars Game?

While we have offered an all-stars game in the past, we have found it difficult in recent years to monitor the selection process and manage the logistics of such an event. We will no longer be holding All-Star games.

What are the 2020 registration fees and what do they include?

Standard registration is $125 if you register between May 15th - June 30th.

Late registration is $160 if you register July 1st - July 15th.

Registration fees include your child’s uniform: a jersey, shorts and two pairs of socks. It also includes your child’s end-of-season participation trophy.

Please note: We do offer $10 off for each sibling registered.

Do you offer scholarships for families who cannot afford the registration fees?

We are happy to let you know that partial and sometimes full scholarships based on need are available for work/volunteer exchange. Please see grant information under Players/Parents page. Inquiries can be sent to: grants@goldcountrysoccer.org