Club Soccer - Age Purity

Age Pure Teams

It is the desire of the league to maintain a high level of play for both Metro and Class 1 teams. In order to accomplish this, the competitive teams are adopting the following policies.

When it's possible to have two teams in an age group, with the cooperation of the coaches, one will take the older group and the other will take the younger age group. This will be determined by when the teams moved up from the previous age group. If both teams moved up at the same time, the team record along with the division of play will be used to determine the Senior team from the Junior team. During the combined tryouts, The Senior team will have the first pick of new players trying out in that age group. The Junior team will be able to pick from the remaining player pool. When an older and younger team are choosing players, the older team should select player from the older player pool and leave the younger player pool for the younger team. If necessary, coaches are to work together to resolve any conflict a player may create by not wanting to play for a certain coach.

Metro is a two-year rotation. When a team moves up and it is not age pure, it will have the option to retain younger players that are eligible to stay down at the younger age level. The coach, parents and player will determine this. This team will then add appropriate aged players as needed through the try out system.

New players will not be allowed to try out for teams above their age group. It is the emphasis of this league to keep the younger / age pure teams, as strong as possible and not deplete the strength of a team by moving stronger players up. If a player wants to play at a higher level, they should try out for a higher level of play, i.e. Recreation or Club Class 3, Class 3 to Class 1 or Class 1 to Premier. Special considerations can be made for the following reasons. A player's grade level and by coaches agreement if a weaker, lower division team has an exceptional player that will benefit by playing up with the higher age level. However, that player should be encouraged to try out for the next level of play as stated above.

If an older age group team needs players to fill a roster, they can move players up from the younger age group after the younger age group has approved the release of players they have not chosen for their age pure team.

Any discrepancies will be brought to the competitive coaches of Gold Country United to be resolved. Rights of appeal will be to the Board of Directors of Gold Country Youth Soccer League as the final authority.