Club Soccer Info

Gold Country United (GCU) is our "club" soccer program and is intended for players between the ages of 8-18 who are looking for a higher level of coaching and competition. Children must attend mandatory try-outs which are usually held in spring each year (check the Announcements section of the home page for dates).

GCU club soccer teams typically play on Saturdays and are organized in a league with other teams in/around a 60 mile radius of the Sacramento area. Obviously, there are exceptions to this such as home games, tournaments, etc.. Teams are matched by age group and ability level via an annual "seeding" tournament. Club teams play rain or shine.

Starting in 2011, CYSA dropped the terms “Select" and "Metro" and deemed all teams playing in CCSL as “competitive” teams, subdivided by ability levels (Premier, Elite, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper). Teams previously playing in Select/Metro will not change in the manner in which they are formed, managed or where they will expect to play. All things shall remain the same except for the name. You may still here people refer to these under there old names of Metro/Select - we try to use the term Club Soccer to lessen the confusion for returning players.

Trying to decide whether a Recreational team or a club team is best for you? Click here for a comparison, or here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Thinking about Coaching at the Club Soccer level? Read the Club Soccer Coaching - Requirements and Primer.