9/27 - Playing Status (games are on)

Post date: Sep 15, 2014 1:54:22 PM

The weather seems to be breaking and it doesn't look like there was much rain so the fields will be playable (albeit a little wet). As an added bonus, there’s is no sign of smoke, so at this point - all games are on!

Unfortunately, either of these situation could change with little notice if the weather gets wetter or the smoke returns. In those circumstances we will have to cancel remaining games. Players, coaches and parent should keep an eye on the Playing Status area of our website (to the left of this posting) before heading out to the field.

We update the Playing Status daily (Monday - Friday) right around 2pm. On weekends, we will make our updates at 8am. During an "incident" (smoke, smog, weather) we will update the site more frequently.

RED LIGHT: Unsafe Conditions/Fields Closed: Play is PROHIBITED

GREEN LIGHT: Normal Conditions: Play PERMITTED.

YELLOW LIGHT: Variable Conditions: USE CAUTION and common sense before deciding to play or practice.

The Red and Green lights are self explanatory. However, when you see the Yellow light we are putting the decision making process in your hands (like a real traffic light). Since we cannot predict/report the exact conditions for each field throughout each day, we simply ask everyone to use common sense when deciding if the conditions support your child playing soccer. Whenever in doubt, check the GCYSL website for before you head out to play or practice as we will post cancellations just as soon as we know about them.

Our AQI information comes from AirNow and SpareTheAir and is accurate within an hour. If the prevailing conditions or forecast are "Unhealthy" or worse, we will post a red light and prohibit play and practice. Conditions can/will change in an instant. Even if the website says that games or practices are on, if it suddenly becomes smokey (you can smell the smoke) coaches should discontinue playing. The league will respect your decision.

You can also refer to these government publications...