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For Referees

Schedules for all games will be posted under "Schedules" tab...

Arbiter instructions are posted under "Resource Center. Documents/Forms" tab. 

New to Reffing?  Start here :

We are always looking for new referees. You must be 12 years old in order to referee AND Adults are welcome.  Referees must complete both the Grade 8 class and the GCYSL New Ref orientation.
You must complete a Grade 8 course. There are 2 types and either one will work.  When you click on the type, you will see a list of courses by location. When you click on the course number you can see the dates/times. 

You can follow these  Signup Instructions  (link) although your class number will be different. 

If you complete your Grade 8 course out of area make sure to email Eleni Rodgers, Referee Coordinator at 
  • GCYSL New Referee orientation. After completing your Grade 8 license, all referees must attend a MANDATORY GCYSL new referee orientation. There are two dates offered but you only have to attend one.  
  • Dates are Tue August 1st 5:30 - 8:30pm and Sunday Aug 6th 2pm - 5pm. 
  • Training is held at the Houser Room 112 Nevada City Highway. Nevada City, Ca 
If you missed the GCYSL class then please email about your interest.

If you have any questions about becoming a referee please contact

Returning Referees:  

All Referees must have a Grade 8 License.  
  • New Licenses
    See the information at the top of the page for Grade 8 Licenses
  • Expired Grade 8 Licenses
    If you already have your Grade 8 license, but it expired in 2016, then you need to renew it online.  Follow these Renewal Instructions (link)
  • Current/Valid Licenses
    If you recieved a Grade 8 license from GCYSL in our class last summer, then your license should be good for this year. Your badge should be a 2017 version.  You still must attend one In-Service training. See dates below.
All Returning Referees - MANDATORY In Service Training  

All returning referees are required to participate in an in-service training each year. There are two dates offered but you only need to attend one.  
    IN SERVICE DATES - you must attend 1
    Wed. July 19th 5:30pm - 9:30pm
    Sun Aug 20th 2pm - 6pm
    Training is held at the Houser Room 112 Nevada City Highway. Nevada City, Ca 

    The purpose of these meetings is to:
    • Explain any changes in the Laws for the upcoming season
    • Address any issues from the previous season or upcoming issues for this season
    • Provide an opportunity for you to ask questions, make suggestion or discuss any problems you’ve experienced
    • Improve the overall level of officiating in our league
      If anyone has any topics or issues that they would like covered at the meetings, please email me and let me know. In the meantime, be sure to mark down the dates and plan on attending one of these two meetings.
        Lastly, if you have not renewed your referee license for the upcoming season, you will not be able to ref during the season. If you plan to ref , but have not yet renewed, you need to get that taken care of immediately. The turnaround time is not very quick.