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Volunteer Positions

We have openings on our welcoming team of board members! We are currently looking for a Vice President for our board as well as the following volunteer coordinator positions. Email us at to find out more!

Registrar Aide (March-August):

  • Help answer parent question emails with goal of responding within 24hrs

  • Help answer Facebook messenger conversations with goal of responding within 24hrs

  • Promote registration by creating and placing ads, physical banners, and crafting marketing emails

  • Work with registrar on team change requests

  • Assign kids to teams as directed by registrar

Rec Uniforms (May-August):

  • Download the spreadsheet info from registration for coaches and players and tally orders

  • Help inventory the current supply of uniforms

  • Coordinate with our sales rep and order an appropriate amount allowing for overages for late registrations

  • Assist in packing orders by teams

  • Help distribute team orders to coaches at uniform pick up days (usually two weeknights in the first or second week of August)

Soccer Fest (May-August):

  • Chair the committee and oversee the planning of this annual family event at Mautino Park

  • Determine the scope of the activities we will offer

  • Purchase and coordinate the sale of food/drinks

  • Coordinate the participation of local food vendors as desired and negotiate their donation of part of their sales

  • This event usually takes place on the same day and time as soccer photos; coordinate as necessary

  • Promote the event and create flyers/emails advertising it

99 Pledges (July/August-October):

  • Coordinate with the marketing company 99 Pledges to host this annual fundraiser

  • Develop promotional materials and use email lists to communicate to our league about it

  • Set deadlines and determine prizes for team and individual top fundraisers

  • Purchase prizes and coordinate their delivery

Photo Day Coordinator (June-August):

  • Work with Exec Dir to find the date/time/location

  • Book the photographer

  • Book an indoor option

  • Coordinate the coaches' schedule requests and create a schedule for photo day