When is the soccer season?

The recreational soccer season runs from August-November. If we are able to reschedule any canceled games due to inclement weather we do so at the end of the season and only for one game.

Competitive soccer has Spring and Fall seasons and will often practice or condition through the winter and summer months. Depending on the team additional tournaments and training camps may be continue outside of league play.

What ages of children are in each age bracket (ie. U6, U8 etc.)? 

Kids are grouped by year of birth in accordance with US Soccer requirements. For Recreation soccer two year age brackets are utilized to create enough groups of teams to keep each age range filled. Kids MUST be under (U) the age specified for the entire calendar year to be permitted to play in that bracket. There are no exceptions allowed to this mandate per US Soccer. A "U6" team will therefore consist of both 4 and 5-year-olds, a U8 team will consist of both 6 and 7-year-olds and so on. View the AGE MATRIX CHART here.

My child wants to play with their friends and/or a certain coach. How can a request a specific team?

We make every attempt to form teams based on player and coach requests that are received in the early registration period. Due to the hundreds of requests we receive, matching up all player/coach combinations is often not possible. After the early registration period, no team requests will be honored as matching up players and teams becomes unrealistic and teams will be formed on a first come, first served, as needed basis. 

Please be prepared to work with the other parents on the team for carpooling if certain practice days/times/locations are difficult for you. Once a team assignment is made, your child can only be moved on a space available basis and under extreme circumstances that must be approved by the Board.

What if I register for recreation soccer but my child decides to tryout for competitive soccer and makes it on a team? Can I get a refund? 

That’s great! We love to see our rec soccer players move on to more competitive and challenging experiences. Your rec soccer registration fees can be applied to your competitive soccer registration costs. 

What if my child decides not to play, what is your Refund Policy?

As soon as we register a player, we incur costs that we can't get back, so part of the registration fee is non-refundable. $40 of all registration fees are non-refundable and if uniforms were ordered then those fees are non-refundable as well. No refunds are available after the first game is played. Click here for the full Refund Policy

Are all teams Co-ed?

No, all teams for age groups U6-U10 will either be all girls or all boys. Only U14+ teams are generally co-ed. 

How many games does my child have to attend in the season? 

Your commitment to youth soccer is a huge part of why this league is so successful! A strong team needs all its members to show up for practices and play all the games. Please communicate with your child’s coach as early as possible about any potential scheduling conflicts you may have for practices or games. Sometimes knowing in advance is all a coach needs to be sure they have enough players to field a team at all the games. Your attendance at practices is necessary too. 

When will practices be held? 

Practice days, times & locations are determined by the coach. Player and coach registration runs concurrently. Once registration ends, teams are formed by the league. Coaches are then contacted with their player rosters and the practice schedule is created based on the coach's schedule and field availability. You will be contacted by your coach with team information in early August.

How many practices a week will my child have? 

GCSL encourages all the coaches to hold two practices a week except in U6 where there will be one practice per week. The coach determines the days and times of practice based on their personal availability and field availability. The coaches will contact you in August with the practice schedule. 

Which fields will you be using for practices and games? 

Rec games and practices will primarily be held at GV Charter School, Scotten School and Sierra College fields. Other fields throughout the greater Grass Valley area will be utilized in order to schedule enough practice slots for all our teams; Seven Hills School, Deer Creek School, Forest Charter School, Magnolia School, Clear Creek School

When will team photos be taken? 

Every year we partner with a professional photography company to provide you with the very best photo packages. The 2024 fall photo day will be September 22nd and will take place during Soccer Fest! Look for more information about this family-friendly, annual event soon! 

When will the first game be held?

The first games are usually held the weekend before Labor Day. Please see the rec registration link for season dates this year.

What equipment will my child need?

Uniforms are required but you may use one from a previous season. The reversible jersey and shorts are $30 and you may purchase this at the time of registration. Late orders after registration ends are not guaranteed to have all sizes in stock. Socks are not provided and will need to be purchased separately. Additionally, each player will need their own shin guards, soccer cleats and a proper size ball (U6/U8=Size 3, U10/U12=Size 4, U14+ =Size 5).

Do you offer scholarships for families who cannot afford the registration fees? 

Partial and sometimes full scholarships based on need may be available for work/volunteer exchange. Please see the application here under grant information under Players/Parents page. Inquiries can be sent to: grants@goldcountrysoccer.org

How can I help?

Our league is run by volunteers. With close to 1500 registered players, we always need help. Please email info@goldcountrysoccer.org for information about becoming a board member, coach, referee, field liner or providing help any way you can