Laws of the Game

Football is the greatest sport on earth. It is played on every continent, in every country and at many different levels. The fact that the Laws of the Game are the same for all football throughout the world, from the FIFA World Cup™ through to a game between young children in a remote village, is a considerable strength which must continue to be harnessed for the good of football everywhere. Football must have Laws which keep the game fair – this is a crucial foundation of the ‘beautiful game’ and a vital feature of the ‘spirit’ of the game. The best matches are those where the referee is rarely needed because the players play with respect for each other, the match officials and the Laws.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) maintains the official laws of the game for the sport of Football (Soccer). Laws are regularly updated to adapt to the ever changing soccer environment. Football must remain attractive and enjoyable for players, match officials and coaches, as well as spectators, fans and administrators, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. The official laws of the game as currently adopted by IFAB can be downloaded here: 2022 LOTG

Gold Country Soccer utilizes the IFAB laws of the game for refereeing of recreation games with some limited exceptions in order to keep the game fun and enjoyable for all ages and abilities. The goal of recreation soccer is to let kids experience the game of soccer in a less competitive environment where all players are welcomed and can learn and succeed. Summarized laws of the game for various age groups can be found below.