For Players / Parents

Practice typically begins in August - Time and location depends on the Coach's schedule. (Become a Coach, make your own schedule!)

Games are every Saturday on one of our many Grass Valley fields.

First games typically start at 8:00am and last game start times vary.

No games on Labor Day weekend.


Play Up Policy

The Gold Country Soccer Board (Board) requires all players to participate at their age-appropriate, youngest team for which they qualify by birth. The purpose of this policy is to promote age-appropriate development (physical, mental and social) of all league players and to maximize each teams competitive advantages. The Board believes that players will develop better at their age appropriate level than at an age level above. It is rare that a player’s development would be hindered by playing at the appropriate age level or significantly advanced by playing up. Conversely, allowing players to play up dilutes the talent and player pool at each age group. While it may help a given team to bolster its roster with an under-age player, this is often at a cost to the younger teams. It also can be detrimental to the overall morale of participants at all levels within the league.

Board policy highly discourages playing up in recreation soccer. Players or teams desiring a higher level of competition are encouraged to tryout for the Gold County United competitive soccer league. The Board may appoint teams or players to any appropriate age group based on Board discretion.

Player Grants

Please click here to access the the Financial Aid Application. If you have any questions, please email:

Code of Conduct

The goal of the Gold Country Soccer League is to help the youth in our community to learn to play and enjoy the game of soccer. Parents play an important role in achieving this. Not only do you get to drive them around to practices, games and other team functions, but you also get to model behaviors that will affect your children and everyone around you. We ask that read and agree to the following code of conduct:

Parents Code of Conduct


These and other maps can be found in the Club Directory on BYGA. 

Mautino Field and The Salvation Army overflow parking maps

Scotten Field Parking map

We ask that you also share these simple rules with your guests and family members.

Other Resources

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