COMp Soccer FAQs

Q. What's the difference between the Gold Country Soccer League and Gold Country United?

A. The Gold Country Soccer League is the "umbrella" under which all soccer teams in Nevada County play. The vast majority of the teams and children play on recreational teams, however we also offer play at a more competitive level through our Gold Country United program, These teams play in the more competitive divisions commonly referred to as " Comp" 

Q. What's the difference between recreational and comp soccer?

A. The main difference is the level of competition and travel. Comp teams face a higher level of competition and will play other comp teams from the greater Sacramento area. Recreational teams will be formed from only players within our League in Western Nevada County and all games will be in the Grass Valley area.

Q. If my child has never played soccer before, which program is best for them?

A. In general, it is best to start new players in the Recreational league. This league is designed to teach children how to play soccer.

Q. When should my child move into a Comp Soccer program?

A. When your child is no longer being challenged by the competition in the Recreational program or when your child has identified soccer as their primary sport, it's a good time to consider one of the advanced programs.

Q. My child wants to play on a High School soccer team. Does he/she need to have played on a Select or Competitive team first?

A. While playing on a Comp team is not a prerequisite for playing on a High School team, generally the level of competition at this level better prepares athletes for the competition in High School.

Q. Is there a conflict with my child playing Comp Soccer and High School Soccer?

A. The Comp Soccer seasons of Fall and Spring straddle the current Winter High School season. There may be a brief blackout period during the high school pre-season where Comp players will not be able to work with the high school coach, but otherwise there is generally no conflict to with participating in both programs.

Q. My child wants to play with an older aged team. Will that work?

A. The philosophy throughout the Gold Country Youth Soccer Leagues, including Gold Country United, is to strongly encourage children to play within their age groups. Please see Age Purity 

Q. What happens if there's not a team in my child's age group within Gold Country United, or my child does not make one of the teams within Gold Country United?

A. Tryouts for Comp teams are scheduled such that players still have time to register for a recreational team if they aren't selected during the tryouts. 

Q. What are the fees for playing comp soccer?

A. Registration fees are typically around $310 per season with fall season being the primary season and spring season depending on team interest. Uniforms cost around $120 and we try to make sure they can be worn for two full years. 

Q. How far would I have to travel to away games?

A. It depends on many factors ie. age, gender and competitive level, but most of our teams play away games in the greater Sacramento region. Some common cities we play are Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Folsom, Natomas, Elk Grove and very occasionally Vacaville or Davis. Carpooling/ridesharing is encouraged for away games and there are typically only 4-5 away games per season.

Q. If my child is selected for a team do they have to play both Fall and Spring seasons?

A. Players selected in June for a fall team are guaranteed a spot on the team for the spring. Due to the competitive level of these teams it is strongly encouraged to maintain playing the spring league if at all feasible. If they choose not to play in the spring the coach may select new players to fill any open roster spots but everyone must tryout again in June for the next year's fall team.