Rainouts / Cancellations

Gold Country understands everyone's frustrations about rained out or cancelled games/practices. There is a general expectation that because the weather clears, automatically we should be playing. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Because of this we need you to understand why we cancel play and why your support is so important.

Our goal is to play soccer. When games are scheduled, we will wait as long as possible (Saturday mornings between 6-7 am) to make the decision, but sometimes it is obvious by Friday night. As soon as we are certain games will be cancelled, we will post an update on the Playing Status area of the homepage.

  • If games or practices are cancelled, it is imperative that coaches not override this!

There are several reasons for cancelling games/practices (air quality / weather). Safety and comfort aside, we are financially liable for any damage we cause to a field and are at risk of losing permission to use a field if we cause damage. Since we do not own any of the fields we use, we must follow the rules they have set forth. Losing our privileged at any field would severely impact all teams in the league, so please do your part in keeping this relationship in tact.

Field Setup/Equipment

Complete Rainout/Cancellation: The league maintains lockers at each field for storage of nets, corner markers and paint. In the instance of a complete rain-out, there shouldn't be anything a setup or breakdown coach needs to do. If by chance a coach may have some of this equipment in their possession, they need to coordinate with the next coach scheduled for set up.

Partial: In the event games get cancelled during the day, the coaches/teams on the field need to take down the equipment and place it in the storage bins.

If you have questions, contact the fields coordinator at fields@goldcountrysoccer.org ASAP if you need help.