On-Line Registration ...

Post date: May 19, 2014 6:35:29 PM

Register here: http://goldcountry.calnorthlive.com/home.php

Online registration will begin May 1 through July 31.


$105 - 1st child

$95 - 2nd child

$85 - 3 or more children

After July 31st, there will be a late fee of $35 added to each registration fee listed above

Here is what you will need...

    • ALL PLAYERS: You will need to be able to upload a .pdf or .jpg image of your official birth certificate - these are typically titled Certificate of Live Birth and issued by the County where your child was born. We cannot accept Hospital birth certificates as they are not an official document. Passports are acceptable (.pdf or .jpg image). We apologize for not having copies from previous years, however CalNorth deleted ALL birth certificates received or uploaded from previous years. Back to square one!
    • Age Groups - GCYSL is organized in 2 year age groups. Click here for our Age Group chart.
  2. PHOTO OF YOUR CHILD: In order to complete on-line registration, you will need a .jpg picture of your child’s face (no hats or sunglasses).
    1. - PLEASE crop photos so we only get the face shot. Files smaller than 400KB will work best