New and Returning Referees

Post date: May 13, 2011 4:24:03 AM

Returning Referees: Just a reminder that the two in-service training classes for returning referees are at the times and locations below. Attending one of these meetings each year is required by CYSA. You also have the option of taking an in-service class offered by a different league, but you would have to travel to their location. The link to the schedule of other classes is

Gold Country In-Service Classes:

In-Service #1: Thursday, 8/9, 5:00-9:00 at Pleasant Ridge District Office (by Cottage Hill)

In-Service #2: Saturday, 8/11, 1:00-6:00 at Superintendent’s building in Nevada City (112 Nevada City Highway, where Nevada City Hwy and Ridge Rd come together)

There are multiple topics that will be covered, ranging from basic to more advanced, but the purpose of the meeting is to provide you with useful information to help you do your job better. If you have any topics that you have struggled with, or are unclear on or would just like to have included, please let me know. Be sure to bring something to take notes with during the training.

Many of you have had problems renewing your referee license. As I’ve mentioned each year, the later you do it, the more likely that you’ll have issues. According to the State, they ran out of 2012 badges a couple of months ago and will have to wait until some are returned before they can finish processing the renewal requests from the last few months. Once again, I’ll strongly recommend that you renew your license right away. The 2013 renewal period has just opened (I just renewed mine for 2013 and it worked fine). You can now go on-line and renew for 2013. To do so, go to and log in using your USSF ID number (you can get that from your license card you received last year) and password. If you wait too long and have trouble, there’s not much I can do to help. Remember – if you are not registered and don’t have a current license, you cannot referee.

I’m looking forward to getting a lot of requests for topics to cover in the class. Let me know if anyone has any questions. I’ll send out another reminder when the classes are a little closer.

New Referees: We are always looking for new referees. The pay is $8-$25 per game, depending on level and experience. You must be 12 as of Aug. 1 of the current season. Adults are always welcome. For more info and to register for referee clinics, send and Email to