League Playing Status - General Policy

Conditions will be updated throughout the day during special incidents. Check the homepage "Playing Status" area daily (M-F) after 2pm and after 8am Saturday mornings.**

** Disclaimer - We are not professional forecasters and simply rely on information we are provided. Forecast information gleaned from websites and simple observations help us in determining Playing Status. As hard as we try, conditions can/will change with little notice.

Playing Status Explained (Traffic Light on homepage)

For simplicity, we use a traffic light indicator on the homepage to provide a quick visual for practice or playing status. The indicators are pretty self explanatory and apply equally to Weather and Air Quality

  • Green is good (OK to proceed),
  • Red is bad (DO NOT proceed)
  • Yellow - (OK to proceed, but with caution). This is when conditions are variable or could possibly change


Wet fields pose a significant concern as we are financially liable for any damage we cause to a field and risk losing permission to use a field if we cause damage. Since we do not own any of the fields we use, we must follow the rules they have set forth. Losing our privileged at any field would severely impact all teams in the league. For more information on rain-outs and cancellations, click here or click on Rainouts/Cancellations under the Fields tab.

Air Quality

AQI models use the EPA standard indicators shown below. GCYSL allows play/practice under Good or Moderate conditions and begin to advise caution under USG (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups). Since USG can vary in magnitude and change to either Moderate or Unhealthy at a moment's notice, we advise our coaches to practice at their own discretion and use the common sense rule - if you can smell smoke it's probably not good to continue to practice. GCYSL will not advise play or practice when conditions are Unhealthy or worse. Air Quality Resource site: https://airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=airnow.local_city&zipcode=95945&submit=Go