All-Girls Teams

Gold Country Youth Soccer is proud to announce the continuation of an all-girls league for the fall of 2021!

We understand the unique needs of girls in our soccer program and we believe our new program will encourage more girls to play, will build their confidence and skill set from a very early age, and propel them to continue to play soccer at the competitive level as they grow in the sport.

In addition, while we need men and women of all backgrounds to help coach these girls, we believe women role models make a big impact on girls in the sport and are seeking women, in particular, to begin or renew their interest in coaching. No previous soccer experience is necessary to be a successful U6-U12 coach, just enthusiasm and a desire to make soccer fun for these girls. GCYSL will provide summer coaches training clinics, access to online coaching materials.

If you would be interested in coaching please contact We are excited to see your girls playing and you coaching out there this fall!