COMP Soccer vs. Recreational Soccer

Comp Soccer - Gold Country United - GCU

Gold Country United (GCU) is our "comp" soccer program and is intended for players between the ages of 8-18 who are looking for a higher level of coaching and competition. Children must attend mandatory try-outs which are usually held in spring each year (check the Announcements section of the home page for dates).

The GCU teams play league games on weekends with the typical season being 5 home games in Grass Valley and 5 away games with other Comp teams. Division opponents vary by season by are usually clubs within the greater Sacramento area. Comp teams may choose to participate in additional play events, including tournaments.

Recreational Soccer

Rec soccer accounts for over 75% of the teams and players in our league. The ability levels are typically from beginners to those who are more experienced and developing their skills. Recreation soccer teams are matched up by age groups (2 yr. brackets).

Other Differences

Unlike comp soccer, there are no try-outs. Instead, children get placed on teams based on several factors (area where you live, "friend/coach" requests, etc.). Your child's coach will typically hold practices one to two days a week in the afternoons - this will vary by team/coach. Once the season starts, games will be played locally in Grass Valley or Nevada City on Saturdays. Your child is guaranteed to play in each and every game they are eligible.

Another key difference between Recreational and Comp soccer - Recreational games can/will get cancelled due to inclement weather, rain or unsafe playing conditions and will not be made up. Comp teams typically play rain or shine and and Comp games that need to be cancelled will be rescheduled.