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Annual Registration Process

The registration process for our Recreational Soccer league takes place each year in one of two forms: On-line or In-person (see comparison below). You may choose whichever method you prefer.

Registration for recreational league soccer opens each year in late April. If you have access to a computer, the most convenient method is to use the On-Line Registration page. This is also the only way you can pay with a credit card. Alternatively, you can register your players at one of our in-person registration events typically in May (pay by cash or check only). To save money, register before May 31, this also increases your chances of having coach/friend requests met. The registration period ends as teams fill-up, typically late July or August, whichever comes first.

Recreational Soccer vs. Club Soccer.

Recreational soccer accounts for over 75% of the teams and players in our league. The ability levels are typically from beginners to those with more experience and developing skills. Recreation soccer teams are matched up by age groups (2 yr. brackets) and then by overall team ability level to make the season fair and fun for everyone.

Club soccer is for higher skilled players between the ages of 8-18. To be considered for a club team, players must attend mandatory try-outs which are held around February each year (check the Announcements section of the home page each year for exact dates). Club soccer players are registered separately by the coach, usually when they accept being selected to a team. To learn more about club soccer, visit the Club Soccer page.